Best Herbs to Grow In Your Garden Today

Growing herbs in your garden can be a rewarding and practical hobby. Herbs add visual interest to your outdoor space. Plus, they form the major constituent in a variety of dishes and remedies. Here are some of the best herbs to grow in garden and some ideas for how to use them:

Best Herbs To Grow In Garden

1. Basil:

best herbs to grow in garden
Basil planted in a raised garden bed

First on our list is Basil. It is a staple in many dishes, such as pesto and tomato sauce. It’s also a great herb to have on hand for making homemade salad dressings and marinades. Basil is easy to grow and does well in pots or in the ground.

2. Mint:

Fresh mint leaves
Fresh mint sprig

Mint is a versatile herb. It comes in handy for preparing a variety of dishes, including desserts, cocktails, and salads. It’s also great for making homemade tea or adding a refreshing touch to water. Mint is not only one of the best herbs to grow in garden, but also a fast-growing herb. It can spread quickly, so it’s best to plant it in a pot to contain its growth.

3. Rosemary:

Hand picking aromatic rosemary spice from vegetable home garden.
Woman cutting rosemary herb branches by scissors

Rosemary is a woody herb with a strong, pine-like aroma. It’s often used in savory dishes, such as roast chicken and lamb, and can also be used to flavor oils and vinegar. Rosemary is a drought-tolerant herb that thrives in well-drained soil.

4. Thyme:

Thyme leaves - best herbs to grow in garden
Potted thyme plant with green leaves

Thyme is a delicate herb with a subtle, lemony flavor. It’s often used in soups, stews, and roasted vegetables. It is a low-maintenance herb to grow in your garden and it does well in pots or in the ground.

5. Cilantro:

Cilantro or Coriander

Cilantro, also known as coriander, is a popular herb in Mexican and Asian cuisine. It’s often used to flavor sauces, salsas, and marinades, and can also be used as a garnish. Cilantro is a fast-growing herb that does well in pots or in the ground.

6. Chives:

Chives plants

Chives are a type of onion with a mild, delicate flavor. They’re often used as a garnish or to add flavor to soups, salads, and eggs. Chives are easy to grow and do well in pots or in the ground.

How To Use These Garden Herbs

How to use the best garden herbs

To use these herbs in your cooking, simply snip off a few sprigs as needed and chop them finely. Fresh herbs are generally more flavorful than dried herbs, so try to use them within a few days of harvesting for the best taste.

In addition to using herbs in cooking, you can also use them in homemade remedies. For example, mint can be used to make a digestive tea, while basil can be used to make a headache-relieving oil. Rosemary can be used as a natural insect repellent, and thyme can be used in a natural throat spray.

Overall, herbs are a great addition to any garden, providing practical, aesthetic, and medicinal benefits. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a beginner, growing herbs can be a fun and rewarding hobby.

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