Urban homesteading for a Greener Lifestyle

Discover the joys of green living and a more sustainable lifestyle! Our family has embarked on a journey to develop an urban homestead. We wanted to connect more deeply with each other, the community, and the earth. We are excited to share our experiences and knowledge with you on how to live a simple, fulfilling, greener lifestyle. Whether a beginner or an expert, you will learn how to implement green living practices in your own life. Join us in our mission to live a greener lifestyle, one step at a time.

paul cannon

Paul Cannon

Years ago, I moved my family from the city to the countryside to reconnect with nature and enjoy the wonders that God provides. Our hobby farm is small scale, but I work to make the most out of the land I am blessed with. Big or small use what you have available to grow and raise your piece of heaven.

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